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Create and Launch Your Profitable Podcast Guesting Strategy in ONE day

Our next live mastermind event takes place Friday June 16th via Zoom. 

In one day, we'll create your own customized podcast guesting system that you'll use to earn your first (or next) $10K in profits for your business. 

Click the button to apply for one of the 10 seats:

Here's What We'll Get Done Together to Earn Your First (or Next) $10K in Profits from Podcast Interviews:

  • Identify 5 Top Profitable Podcasts to grow your business
  • Craft the Perfect Pitch to get an excited YES from the podcast hosts
  • Outline an Irresistible Lead Magnet to use as the call-to-action during your interviews
  • Hone your Unforgettable Performance with a crisp introduction, captivating stories, and a profit-producing teaching method
  • Podcast Pitch "Shark Tank" Capstone Experience - you'll pitch yourself to a panel of top podcast hosts & interview experts as part of our incredible culminating event

Space for this live event is limited!
This is a live, virtual mastermind that will be limited to 10 participants to ensure every entrepreneur gets all of the help they need for profitable podcast guesting.

Submit your application today to save your place in line for this event.

Podcast Guesting is the #1 Way Smart Business Owners are Scaling Beyond the 6-Figure Mark

The best part about Podcast Guesting is that it doesn’t require any ad spend, it’s a 100% learnable skill, and it’s an evergreen strategy you can implement in your business with just a few hours a week.

Hi! Dustin Riechmann here…

Dustin Riechmann
Your Mastermind Host

I saw firsthand how powerful Podcast Guesting can be when I scaled my e-commerce brand FireCreek Snacks to over 7-figures in just a few years.

And I used a similar strategy again to scale up my digital course/membership business Engaged Marriage, and AGAIN to scale up my coaching and consulting arm called Simple Success Coaching.

I’ve been featured on over 60 podcasts, and now I teach other business owners how to scale using Podcast Guesting. I’ve seen time and time again that when it’s done the right way, this marketing system isn’t just for a select few, it’s for everyone!

Even if you feel like you don’t have a network.

Even if you’ve never been interviewed before.

AND even if you feel like you’re unqualified or too new in your field.

If you're a coach, an expert in your field, or an online brand owner, I guarantee you the right Podcast Guesting strategy will have you generating new leads and new sales in just a few weeks. 

The fastest and most effective way to get started is our Podcast Profits Bootcamp - so please apply to save your spot for our upcoming live event:

What Clients Are Saying

"I can't say enough good things about Dustin. He has high integrity and a knack for breaking down complex ideas into simple, actionable steps.

I was immediately able to book my first 3 podcasts in a new niche that Dustin helped me choose."

Scott Colby

Author & Speaker at Say It With Gratitude

Workshop Participant

"I love working with Dustin. Not only does he teach proven tactics like podcast selection & writing great pitches - he is super strategic about creating maximum leverage.

The best part is he created a system for us so I can hand off most of the work & get maximum results (sales)."

Andy Janaitis

Marketing Agency Owner at PPC Pitbulls

Workshop Participant

"When I decided I wanted to get in front of my ideal clients through podcasting, I knew I wanted to be taught by someone who leads by example.

What I loved most about this program is I finally got clear & confident about MY story.  It's a total game changer!"

Crystal Carter

Business Consultant

Workshop Participant

"Dustin is a smart bloke.  He used podcast guesting to grow his e-commerce brand FireCreek Snacks to 7 figures without paid ads.

From Shopify Masters to BiggerPockets Business, this stuff clearly works super well."

Ryan Lacerda

Software Sales


Lavern Gingerich

Founder - StoryQue

"Dustin has the gift of listening, analyzing obstacles, and helping you create a simple plan forward that will help you reach your goals faster. By applying Dustin's guidance in my business, I was able to triple my bottom line in two years."

Carrie Farmer

Founder - Carrie Farmer Connections

"Dustin has been amazing to work with as a coach. He is an awesome mentor and has a gift for providing Clarity and Confidence when things seem complex. I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance."

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Dustin on Success Coaching and his Partnership Marketing System.

His strategies for podcast pitching are unique and effective. I highly recommend working with Dustin."

Marshal Rabil

Marshall Rabil

CMO - Hubbard Peanut Company

Workshop Participant & Coaching Client

"Dustin was able to use his huge treasure chest of real-world experience and insights to meet me where I was and help me expand and grow my business to new levels.

I highly recommend hiring Dustin as a business coach - I'm a total fan."

Marilyn Alauria

Marilyn Alauria

International Spiritual Business Leader

Coaching Client

"If you're looking to go from never appearing on a podcast to appearing on 3-5 quickly, this workshop is for you.

Dustin is an excellent communicator - you've probably heard him on podcasts - he's very intentional and strategic."

Daniel Philpot

Real Estate Investor

Workshop Participant & Coaching Client

"Dustin's system gave me a clear game plan & pure confidence for consistent podcast guesting.

This system is magical, a total game changer for reaching influencers & becoming an influencer."

Sandra Pelley

Visionary Mentor & Coach

Workshop Participant

"This is without a doubt the best time & money I've ever spent on marketing for my business.

Dustin made it simple & allowed us to really tap into the power of the Mastermind to quickly expand our online presence & grow our businesses."

Mary Ann Marriott

Financial Services

Workshop Participant

Alisa DiLorenzo

ONE Extraordinary Marriage

"Working with Dustin has been a gamechanger. He asks incredible questions and provides amazing insights. Do NOT miss the opportunity to work with Dustin!"

Trisha Artman

Founder - Coach the Cure

"Dustin truly listens and invests his time and energy to ensure his clients succeed. His energy & enthusiasm shines so bright, I can feel it right through the screen - pretty amazing!"

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