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Hi! Dustin Riechmann here...

I'm personally leading this Partnership Marketing Workshop - Live Implementation Class.

You'll discover how to leverage Partnership Marketing to quickly scale your business with no advertising costs. Please apply by clicking the button below - we will be sure you get to take part in a live class that works with your schedule.

Based on more than 13 years of experience building my own successful online businesses and leading dozens of coaches, course creators and e-commerce sellers to double and triple their businesses, this 6-week implementation workshop includes both recorded and live training opportunities to ensure it works with your schedule.

Using our powerful 4-Step Framework, you'll learn how to use Partnership Marketing to grow your business in a fast, predictable system that will become a true "marketing flywheel" that pays dividends for years to come.

If you're feeling stuck in your business growth and frustrated with paying the big social media platforms for diminishing returns, you will LOVE learning and implementing a system that grows your business faster and more reliably with no ongoing costs.

This is hands-on training! You will be learning by doing - getting direct feedback and coaching from me, surrounded by a small group of peers – 12 participants max.

This is the absolute best way to ensure your success with Partnership Marketing.  The Live Implementation Workshop gives you everything you need:

  • Knowledge - so you have a proven marketing system that you can use for years to come
  • Coaching - so you will never feel stuck or let your progress get stalled
  • Accountability - so you will actually get this exactly 6 weeks
  • Community - so you'll never feel alone and you'll benefit from the insights, experience and network of your fellow Workshop participants (this is HUGE)

This is your time to grow your business to new heights - and I can't wait to be there right alongside you to celebrate your many wins over our 6 weeks together!

What is Partnership Marketing?

Partnership Marketing might sound fancy, but in reality partnerships are pretty straightforward…and you might even already be executing them in your own business to some extent.

A partnership is when you provide something valuable to a person or company, and they promote you to their audience in return. That’s it.

It’s one of the most effective ways to rapidly build your audience or increase sales.  In fact, my e-commerce brand FireCreek Snacks has grown to over 7 figures almost exclusively through Partnership Marketing.  The same is true for my digital course/membership site business at Engaged Marriage.

I've personally seen dozens of coaching clients use the system you're going to learn to rapidly double or triple their businesses...all without spending money on advertising.

If you're not sure who would partner with you, prepare to have your mind blown as we unpack it together.  Your biggest challenge will not be finding partners (there are hundreds, probably thousands) but prioritizing who to work with first (and next). 

But don't worry because we're going to take care of that, too!

How Does the Implementation Workshop Work?

The Partnership Marketing Implementation Workshop is a LIVE 6-Week Video-Based Mentoring Program led by me, Clarity Coach Dustin Riechmann.

The goal over the six weeks is to help you implement our proven 4-step marketing system for your business and brand. 

You'll also get lifetime access to the training videos, templates, and worksheets!

Who Should Enroll in This Workshop?

This training is perfect for online business owners, assistants or even interns. 

The beauty of implementing a marketing system (rather than the latest tactic) is that it becomes a permanent asset to your business.  You'll learn the system, implement it live during our 6 weeks together, and it will continue to pay dividends for many years to come.

I recommend that the business owner or marketing manager attend if at all possible so they fully understand how it works.  However, if you prefer to send your assistant, we'll train them how to do this for you.

Regardless, we recommend that the system is ultimately managed by an assistant or another team member so that the owner can free up their time.  Like any great system, you'll be able to outsource 80-90% of the process while benefiting from a continuous flow of leads and sales.

If you're not sure if your business is an ideal fit, or you're not sure which team member to send, please fill out the application and include your questions.  We'll make sure you get total clarity to make the best decision.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're still working through ideas and don't have a business established yet, this Implementation Workshop is not a good fit for you. Instead, please head to the top of our homepage and request a strategy session where we can help you create a solid foundation for your business.

Who Teaches This Workshop?

I'm Dustin Riechmann.  I help ambitious entrepreneurs get unstuck & rapidly increase their profits with clarity and confidence.

I'm different than other Business Coaches...

While I love coaching others, everything I do is borne from real-world business experience.  After 18 years of engineering consulting (and many side hustles), I currently own three successful online brands:

Engaged Marriage - Course & membership business

FireCreek Snacks - E-commerce business

Simple Success Coaching - Coaching & training business

Outside of my own businesses, I LOVE helping others grow their dream business online in a way that's simple, fun & extremely profitable.

My specialities are developing actionable 90-day plans and Partnership Marketing. I've been featured on over 25 podcasts in the past year (growing FireCreek Snacks to 7 figures of revenue), and I've helped dozens of clients grow rapidly through similar partnerships.

When I'm not building businesses, you'll find me hanging out with my beautiful wife of 20 years and our three kids. And yes, all three of our kids have businesses of their own - we can't help ourselves.

Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist
Certified Ecommerce Marketing Specialist

What Exactly Will I Learn?

Remember, this is not just some book or digital course where you purchase it and never get around to actually using it.  

During our 6 weeks of small group coaching, you'll both learn and implement our proven 4-Step Framework that virtually guarantees your success:


Before we hop into creating your partnership plan, we first have to answer the question:

"What is the specific desired outcome for my business from getting my next partnership? "

You'll be coached through developing a 90-Day Action Plan, getting laser focused on how you best serve your customers, and creating (or refining) your Perfect Client Magnet...which will become your go-to call-to-action when you get in front of a new audience.

You'll have extreme clarity about your business goals and exactly how Partnership Marketing is going to help you achieve them with confidence.


After you've got a solid foundation in place, you're ready to dive into the heart of the system by asking/answering:

"Who are the first partners I should connect with to share my story/teaching? "

You'll nail down the story/teaching that will resonate with your target audience, identify industries where your audience lives, and start creating your Partnership Pitch List.

Once you have the keys to unlock the smart way to do this research, you'll not only find hundreds of potential targets during our training, you'll start to see partnership opportunities EVERYWHERE. That's why you'll have access to our exclusive Partnership Prioritizer tool to make sure you're always staying focused on the next best opportunities.


This is the where things get super exciting - this is the combination of art and science that will allow you to get complete strangers to enthusiastically say YES to featuring you to their audience.

"Now that I've identified my next desire partner, how do I make sure they say Yes to featuring me? "

The answer to that question is absolutely critical, and it's the true magic of this system.  You'll learn how to create "win-win-win" opportunities and send emails that cannot be ignored.  You'll have access to our powerful Perfect Pitch Email Templates to make this easy, fun and exciting.

And don't worry if the idea of pitching strangers scares you right'll learn how to get them thanking you for contacting them and you'll see how it works through many examples and case studies plus personal feedback from Dustin on your pitches.


So your partner has agreed to feature you to their audience...awesome!  But now you're going to be thinking:

"How do I ensure I do a great job and make the most out of getting featured? "

Once you're armed with the secrets to preparing and "performing" effectively, you'll step into every interview or other feature with maximum confidence.  More importantly, you'll establish a deep rapport with the audience that will have them enthusiastically following your call-to-action (remember when we created that in Step 1?)

Quick tip: Most people who get featured on a podcast or any other platform not only fail to maximize the immediate opportunity, they really mess up the chance for longer-term networking and business building benefits. You will not be like most people after participating in this Workshop!

BONUS SESSION: How to Leverage Partnerships to Get High-Impact Results & Create a Marketing Flywheel for Exponential Growth

Once you've mastered the fundamentals of the 4-Step Framework, you'll be ready to apply the more advanced techniques you'll learn during our Bonus Session.  

If you've ever thought it would be great to get new leads, customers and clients pouring in on a constant basis with only a small direct effort from you, then you will LOVE this training. Not only will you create a Marketing Flywheel for your business, you'll learn how to outsource 80-90% of the ongoing work to an assistant or intern!

I can't reveal too much about these advanced strategies here, but I'll give you a few of the names to whet your appetite:

  • The Stair-Step Strategy for Deeper Influence
  • Limitless Leads
  • The Guest List
  • Follow the Leader
  • Make Your Partnerships Nearly Automatic
  • Be a Great Leader & Reap the Benefits
  • The Marketing Flywheel
  • Double Your Business in 90 Days

This bonus session could (and probably will) be a whole separate workshop in the future, but right now you get access to the entire training (along with live coaching) at no additional cost when you join this Implementation Workshop!

Here's What's Included When You Enroll Today

This Implementation Workshop is designed for clarity and action. You'll get exactly what you need to be successful and nothing more. No fluff, no distractions.

Six Weeks of LIVE Mentoring & Coaching with Dustin

This is NOT another online course that just gives information, but a LIVE 6-week mentoring program that provides transformation. You'll work with Dustin step-by-step to implement his proven 4-step Partnership Marketing framework!

And don't forget about the Bonus Session detailed above - it's like getting an entire additional workshop (and coaching) at no additional cost.

Lifetime Access to The Partnership Marketing Training Course

LIFETIME ACCESS! While each module will be reviewed LIVE, you'll get lifetime access to the training in our online learning portal. Through proven exercises, templates and worksheets, you'll walk through how to get maximum clarity and confidence and land valuable partnerships like clockwork!

Small Group Private Community

Our members-only community will let you share your progress, gain feedback and build relationships. You'll never feel alone and you'll benefit from the insights, experience and network of your fellow Workshop participants - this is HUGE!

Enroll Now & You'll Also Get These Powerful Bonuses...


The exclusive Partnership Prioritizer planning tool so you always have a go-to list of partners to pitch in exactly the right order.


Perfect Pitch Email Templates & Detailed Case Studies so you always know exactly what to say when reaching out to a new potential partner.


Training Session for your Assistant so you empower them to handle 80-90% of the work.  If you don’t have an assistant yet, the recording of this session will be GOLD for you when you hire one.

The Benefits to Your Business

I know there's a lot of information on this page.  Honestly (as a fellow skeptic) here's what you should care most will Partnership Marketing directly benefit you and your business?

Direct Sales

When you show up the right way, you should expect direct sales from your partnerships (whether immediately or through email follow-ups that you'll learn).

Long-Tail Sales

The beauty of platforms like podcasts or YouTube videos is that they live on and continue to generate sales and relationships for years to come.


If you know anything Search Engine Optimization (getting ranked in Google), you know the value of backlinks to your site - and Partnerships make it happen.

Relationship with Host

A successful partnership will let you build a relationship with the host - and sometimes great friendships will develop.

Relationships with Audience

Using the methods you'll learn, the audience will feel emotionally connected to you and your story - and they will reach out.


This is the biggest benefit of all! When you stack several partnerships, they build leverage and exponential growth for your business AND your network!

Here's Your Investment

To be honest, it's difficult to put a price tag on the value of implementing Partnership Marketing in your business.

I've had individual podcast appearances that resulted in over $5,000 in sales of snack sticks. I've had clients sell over $10,000 of courses from a single partnership. And even larger sums from selling coaching services. (These are not financial claims and no one can guarantee specific outcomes.)

And while direct sales are fantastic, you're going to discover that the biggest benefit of having a Partnership Marketing system in place is the Network Effect. As you get featured on a regular basis, it becomes much easier to get featured again, resulting in exponential growth for your business and your network.

The rich get richer, as they say. And the reality is that a single relationship can completely change the trajectory of your business growth.

Taking the initiative to implement this marketing system is one of the best investments you can make in growing your business. And doing it through this Implementation Workshop is the quickest and most effective way you can make it happen so that you start getting a massive ROI right away.

The value is undeniable, but I also want to make this accessible to anyone who is serious about growing their business the smart way.

That's why I've set the standard enrollment fee at just $2,000. That's less than most people blow on Facebook ads before they realize they're not working.

However, to help make this an easy decision, I'm going to make this an absolute no brainer by knocking $500 off the investment.

Yes, you can enroll today for a single payment of only $1500.

The price for this Implementation Workshop will never be this low again. After you submit your application and get accepted, you'll receive an email with a link to make your secure payment.

What others are saying about the Partnership Marketing Workshop & working with Dustin:

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Dustin on Success Coaching and his Partnership Marketing Workshop.

His strategies for podcast pitching are unique and effective. I highly recommend working with Dustin."

Marshal Rabil

Marshall Rabil

CMO - Hubbard Peanut Company

Workshop Participant & Coaching Client

"Dustin was able to use his huge treasure chest of real-world experience and insights to meet me where I was and help me expand and grow my business to new levels.

I highly recommend hiring Dustin as a business coach - I'm a total fan."

Marilyn Alauria

Marilyn Alauria

International Spiritual Business Leader

Coaching Client

"If you're looking to go from never appearing on a podcast to appearing on 3-5 in just a few weeks, this workshop is for you.

Dustin is an excellent communicator - you've probably heard him on podcasts - he's very intentional and strategic."

Daniel Philpot

Real Estate Investor & YouTuber

Workshop Participant & Coaching Client

Lavern Gingerich

Founder - StoryQue

"Dustin has the gift of listening, analyzing obstacles, and helping you create a simple plan forward that will help you reach your goals faster. By applying Dustin's guidance in my business, I was able to triple my bottom line in two years."

Carrie Farmer

Founder - Carrie Farmer Connections

"Dustin has been amazing to work with as a coach. He is an awesome mentor and has a gift for providing Clarity and Confidence when things seem complex. I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance."

frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for 6 weeks of LIVE coaching?

The six weeks of live coaching and mentoring will begin when the class is filled with 10-12 participants, and we will contact you to ensure the start date works for you. The live weekly sessions will take place on Zoom.  All sessions will be recorded and questions can be submitted in advance.

Is there a way to work with Dustin one-on-one?

Yes! This Implementation Workshop is a small group program, but you will be offered the opportunity to add one-on-one coaching after your application is approved, if desired.

How will I get access to the materials?

After you enroll, you'll be given immediate access to the online learning portal with all of the course videos and tools. The content will be reviewed during the LIVE sessions. After each live training, the recordings will be placed in the online learning portal. 

How much of a time commitment will this take?

Each week's training videos can be consumed in 30-45 minutes and can be completed at any time.  The live coaching sessions will be up to 60 minutes.

What if I have other questions?

There is a section of the application where you can ask any other questions you may have.  We will answer them via email or hop on a call if needed.  We want to make sure you're an ideal fit for this small group.

What is your cancellation/return policy?

Because this is a coaching program, no refunds will be issued after the first live session. However, we will work to ensure your satisfaction, and we won't accept anyone who we don't feel is an ideal fit based on your application.